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' was a stormy, dark and drunken night, when a group of vagabonds gathered around the glow of a computer monitor to form an alliance. They planned to create
the best game in the world.
To their misfortune, they failed.

Fortunately, they were too stubborn to surrender their efforts.

Today, our goal is to learn and innovate; always sharing what we've learned with you.

This desire to learn led to the creation of HactEngine, an open source game engine. HactEngine is cross-platform, simple but extensible, and always getting better. Join the community and be a part of its future!

We’re committed to making high-quality games with an emphasis on story, originality and fun.

Players should be a part of the development process, so we’re sharing our progress with you. We’re always looking for feedback (good and bad), so be in touch:

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    Moomin Adventures: Jam Run

    Jam Run is a new mobile game in which you can race as a Moomin character and help Moominmamma by collecting ingredients for her grandmother's secret jam recipe.

    Players can choose their favorite Moomin character from several well-known characters, and race against each other to help Moominmamma to make jam for the people of Moominvalley. Jam Run is the first game in the Moomin Adventures, which will be a collection of Moomin games for players of all ages.

    The game is free to play and it will be distributed through QR codes that can be found on Moomin products. The QR code directs the user to the All Things Moomin website, where the user can download the game to their mobile device.

    The player can improve their game experience with in-game purchases and unlock new and exciting content in the game (levels, playable characters, etc.).

    © Moomin Characters™

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Indium Games presentation video

Short presentation video about HactEngine and Hero Killer, which we used at ICT Showroom 2014.


HactEngine is a cross-platform game engine, which uses open standards and open file formats. Almost everything in the engine can be modified while your game is running. HactEngine is still under heavy development, and will be released as open source some time “soon”.

The engine’s core is written in C++ and uses the popular SDL library as its base. It uses OpenGL for graphics and let’s you write your own shaders or you can use the ones that come with the engine.

The engine uses Lua for scripting. Lua is extremely easy to learn, but also incredibly powerful. Because of Lua, the engine supports live editing: almost everything in your game can be modified while the game is running. Just modify your code and save it; it will be automatically reloaded. The same is true for models, textures, shaders, etc.

HactEngine also provides easy-to-use editors for modifying the game world. You can modify the editors or write your own to fit your game. The editors are made with Qt and can be easily created with QML and JavaScript.

HactEngine is being built by Indium Games and will be released as open source “when it's done”.

Used by HactEngine:

Open Source logoC++ logoLua language logoOpenGL logoSDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) logoQt framework logoPremake logoFreeType logo

In collaboration with:

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Sami Eklund

Sami Eklund

Graphics Artist

Quite a jolly fellow, talkative and values a sense of humour. He has always been interested in art and drawing, this affliction is rare but has been seen in the family from time to time.

Even though born and raised in Western Finland, his quest for self improvement has taken him to faraway lands and back.

Equipped with his trustworthy quill, he is now eager to embark for this new and glorious quest with his brave companions.

Sami Kankaristo

Sami Kankaristo


Sami is a programmer who hails from Western Finland. He carries his axe by his side, but never chops wood.

Trying to learn from the learned, he shares his knowledge (and bad jokes) but admits his ignorance.

Passionately wanting to change the world for the better and accompanied by the team, he wields his axe and input devices, ever advancing onward.

Antti Tujula

Antti Tujula


In his early life Antti used to be a humble pirate chef who sailed on the “salty” coasts of Finland.

One day he decided to sink his ship and find some new adventures in the mystical world of programming. He found himself in a seedy tavern where he met his new companions.

Now he is wielding a mighty spade that he uses for digging up treasures that are buried between lines of code.

Johannes Ylönen

Johannes Ylönen


Johannes is a programmer from far far east, who travelled through Finland to find the sun and great knowledge.

With only a rusty sword as his weapon he finally arrived in Turku, the sunny old town. He settled down there with his princess and decided to become an entrepreneur.

With his teammates and eager to find the great knowledge, he may change the world.